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ASI Innovation Labs:

Industry-focused AI/Machine Learning products, services, and solutions

Life Sciences

Enhancing biofabrication workflows through automation of QA and experimental result analysis.


Reducing waste and reworking through machine-aided process monitoring and error detection.

Product Distribution

Leveraging product affinity awareness to optimize product selection.

Quick Serve Food Service

Bringing personalization to the customer-driven ordering experience.


Enabling educators to take student learning further, in less time. Empowering students with insight and guidance to realize their full potential.

Who are we

Our Expertise


Computer Vision

Machine-learning based computer vision has application within many industries. Our computer vision platform allows users to easily leverage machine models in daily tasks. No software development expertise required.



Predicting analysis results over many variables is difficult. Our AI-enabled prediction capability uses techniques such as regression and classification to predict business metrics with high confidence.


Human Interaction

Through machine-learning aided techniques such as speech recognition, computer vision, and sentiment analysis it is possible to drive dynamic human interactions. This capability affordably enhances support and other customer engagement tasks.

How it works

Vascularization Segmentation

Automation of segmentation workflows, greatly reducing research time requirements for analysis tasks. A model is trained using the Innovation Labs Segmentation platform by indicating elements of interest within sample images.

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